Overview of EXANTE’s trading platform

Choosing the right broker is a vital part of every trader’s investment journey. Before deciding to participate in any financial markets, traders must find a broker that offers the right products, account types, and fee structure, in addition to providing a suitable trading platform. These factors can impact the quality of an individual’s trading experience tremendously. In this review, we look at EXANTE’s trading platform, its features, functionalities, and more. For those interested in this broker, you can read more.

What is EXANTE?

Established in 2011, EXANTE is a global investment company that aims to provide direct access to financial markets through its client-centric trading and investment solutions. The investment firm has over a decade of experience delivering bespoke services to its clients, and as of writing this article, has $2 billion in total assets under management.

Currently, the broker offers over 600,000 financial instruments in over 50 financial markets that traders can take advantage of. The brokerage firm also prides itself on having a network of over 1,100 servers all around the world to ensure the lowest latencies and safe data transfer. EXANTE generally takes on clients from a wide range of backgrounds who have diverse needs, ranging fromretail traders to professional and corporate investors and fund managers.

EXANTE’s founders were frustrated by the fragmentation of investment service products in the world of finance, and they saw technology as a means of improving the global connectivity of the financial services industry. EXANTE was founded to centralise access to hundreds of thousands of financial instruments and to stream real-time market data to investors. Privacy and personal service are also core components of EXANTE.

EXANTE’s trading platform

EXANTE traders who wish to participate in the financial markets have a few options when it comes to opening an account – individual, corporate or demo. Individual accounts must meet a minimum deposit of 10,000 EUR/GBP, while corporate accounts must meet a minimum deposit of 50,000 EUR/GBP. There are also certain documents that are required depending on the account type a trader opens – the full list of requirements can be found on EXANTE’s official website.

Demo accounts are free and are automatically given to a trader when they register an account with EXANTE. Demo traders receive 1,000,000 EUR in virtual funds to practise their trading skills and hone their strategies. Below is an overview of the EXANTE platform modules:


The instrument tab is organised in a tree-like structure, with all available instruments gathered and grouped by type. Traders can check which instrument they would like to view by clicking on the coloured icon. The filters control the visibility of recently expired instruments and non-tradable products. Traders who use the filter will see both the visible and total count of available instruments.

If traders are not sure of what they want to trade, they can simply navigate the tree by expanding its branches. If they do know what they are looking for, they can also type the instrument’s name, ticker, Exchange, ISIN, or FIGI into the search bar, and the results will pop up on the screen. Traders can also view options they can trade for by turning it on in the platform’ssettings.


EXANTE provides traders with concise charting. Prices update inreal time and charts show live market quotes. EXANTE also allows their charts to be customised according to a trader’s needs. For instance, traders can select a chart style with coloured OHLC bars, candlesticks, or lines, as well as add indicators. If they want to share an existing chart with friends or family, they can do so by creating a shareable link to replicate the chart. This link contains information about the instrument, stock exchange, and time frame of the instrument being monitored. This is a fantastic way for the trading community to share information and learn from one another.

Chart timeframes include 1, 5, 10, or 15 minutes, 1, 4, or 6 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month. This is a good range that can provide traders with enough information on both the short-term and long-term. The desktop version of EXANTE’s trading platform provides tick data as well.

Quote Monitoring

As its name suggests, EXANTE’s quote monitor provides traders with real-time data quote streams. Traders can drag and drop up to 100 instruments to the monitor to keep track of their dynamics in the market.

Quote Monitor also collects all essential data on a particular trading session. This includes the instrument’s name and description, bid/ask/mid prices and bid/ask sizes, last quote update time, price changes in absolute and percentage terms, and quote feed status. For traders who are monitoring a large portfolio or want to keep track of a handful of instruments at the same time, this tool can give them great flexibility and convenience.

Bottom line

Overall, EXANTE’s trading platform helps to provide some form of clarity and accessibility to traders looking to trade in the financial markets. The platform is clear, intuitive, and easytouse, with customisable tools and interfaces. Traders can also use it to find an impressive amount of information regarding markets, instruments, and their own trading progress. Overall, EXANTE is a broker that is worth your timeand can provide a superior trading experience with its set of sophisticated solutions.

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