Want to Learn a Trade? Tips and Advice

Many young people who like working with their hands decide to take up a building trade and let’s face it, you are always in demand if you are a tradesperson, which will never change.

There are quite a few building trades to consider, such as:

  • Bricklayer
  • Plasterer
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter

The first real requirement is a love of the work; after all, you will spend most of your life doing this, so it is essential that you enjoy it and develop a sense of pride in your work.

Tools & Equipment

It isn’t difficult to list all the tools and other items that you will need to carry out your work and you can start with the basics, adding to your kit as you go. When sourcing tools, only consider known brands and if you are unsure, ask a seasoned tradesman and he’ll put you right; always clean your tools thoroughly after every use and if looked after, well-made tools should last a lifetime.

Seeking Employment

Of course, you could enrol in a college to teach you the basics, or approach a local builder with a view to becoming an apprentice. This is a common path for a keen teenager to follow and if you’re hardworking and eager to learn, a few years is all it takes to become a proficient tradesperson. Make sure you take out some tradesman insurance and if you apply yourself 100%, you will gain a good reputation as a sound worker.

The Internet

Those of us who remember the days before the World Wide Web really appreciate the fact that you can watch YouTube videos that teach you how to hang a door, or plaster a wall; indeed, some people actually build their home, solely from ‘how to’ videos. You can quickly learn all the theory and become more familiar with the work, which will stand you in good stead when you get going.


Most tradesman opt for the self-employed situation, when builders hire you by the day, or by the job. This means you have to register with the Australian government as self-employed and deal with your own taxes, which means hiring a local accountant. If you are freelancing your services, the contractor would tell you what paperwork you need and this is the most popular way to work, as you end up making more money than if you are directly employed.

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